What to look for in a Shopify theme

What to look for in a Shopify theme

No matter HOW you choose to create your website for your business or online store, you will choose a platform and everyone has pro’s and con’s (more on this coming soon.)  Once you choose a platform, you need to decide how you want it to look.

I love Shopify as a platform for e-commerce oriented businesses.  It has amazing integrations for shipping and check out.  It makes the sales process seamless.  Shopify works for small businesses and LARGE businesses.   However, the downside of Shopify is that you are very locked into the theme that you choose.  The theme for Shopify determines exactly how your store looks and you have to know code to customize it, like adding fonts or changing where a picture is placed.  So choosing your theme is very important when starting your Shopify store.

So today I thought I would share what I look for when looking for the perfect Shopify theme.

What to Look when choosing a Shopify Theme.

  • First Impression

    • Do you like the flow and feel of the theme right away or do you really have to work to imagine your site fitting into what is provided?  Lots of imagining means lots of adjustments will be needed later.
  • Structure

    • Carefully review the overall structure and layout of the theme. Changing these elements of the design are typically the most difficult to do, so you should look for a theme that has the basic structure and layout you’d like already.
    • Pay close attention to elements such as navigation, logo placement and other key elements of the site design. Again, these options are typically more difficult to customize.
    • Check how any advanced page layouts are created and if they will require you to use HTML or not. While the Shopify sections feature has added more robust layouts to homepages and select other pages, limitations do exist in how they can be used on other pages. Feel free to reach out to the theme designer if there’s a particular layout in one of the demo shops that you want to reproduce, but can’t figure out how. 

      Protip:  If you are in the pre-purchase phase, reach out the theme designer and see their response time.  If they don’t respond to you pre-purchase they are not going to help you out if something is not working correctly. 

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    • Be sure to preview the theme on a large computer screen, tablet and mobile device.
      • Protip: An easy way to mimic other devices without having to dig out your phone is to simply make your browser window narrower or wider to simulate various device screen sizes. For more advanced themes a refresh may be required after adjusting the window.
  • Extra Add-Ons

    • Verify that any added functionality such as related products, currency converters, tabs, advanced filtering, back in stock notification forms and recently viewed products are included. Not all themes include all of these features, so be sure to check the feature list or check with the developer to be sure. Also, some features included in themes may not have all of the features that an app would add.


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