Web Design Process for Business Owners

Web Design Process For Business Owners

One of the main questions my friends and clients ask me is how to convey someone else’s vision for their business in a website. It can be especially tricky when it comes to my clients that don’t live in the same vicinity as I do. It seems like an impossible task, so I wanted to break down my process for web design that I take each of clients through.

I like to think of this process the way that a custom home is built. You don’t just come to the builders and say do whatever you want. You explain to them the needs of your family, your hope for the house, how long you are planning on living there, what your style is, your likes and dislikes. We can approach web design in the same way.

Here are my go-to steps for web design process:

Consultation Phase:


  1. Get a clear idea of what your client is looking for. Ask about their goals and inspiration. Also, take a look at their current branding.
  2. I also try to be clear about my style. My style is very “commercial” looking. I like high contrast color and clean lines.
  3. Create a wireframe and think through the flow of the page. Brainstorm items that should be included and the best platform to use for the project.

Prototype Phase:


  1. Design a prototype of what I think would be best for their business and their goals. Try to walk them through your recommendations and your reasoning behind them.
  2. Get feedback from your prototype. Sometimes seeing a prototype is the jumping off point for design.
  3. Make the first draft of the website.
  4. Get feedback.
  5. Make final edits.
  6. Launch the site.
  7. Offer additional help and support as their business grows and changes.

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