How to set up email reports in google analytics

How to set up email reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free Google product your web developer (or you!) can install that collects visitor data from your website. This data is used to create reports that provide insight into how visitors are using your website.

It’s also really important to use this tool to help improve your website – so your online presence converts more visitors into customers, sales, or leads. But unfortunately, Google Analytics can be a little daunting at times, particularly with seemingly endless reports to check out and analyze. Where should you start for best results?

To help you make sense of this, I’ve made a list of my top 3 Google Analytics Reports so you can quickly gain more insights into your website performance and where you need to focus your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics basic focus is on Acquisition and Behavior.

Acquisition –> how do you acquire users? How many? From where?
Behavior –> how do users behave on your site?

1. Acquisition Overview

Find this report through Acquisition -> Overview. The Acquisition Overview report details how many people visited your site and where that they came from. The most important number to look at is search traffic. A good search traffic rating should be above 50 percent.

Here’s a quick overview of the sources from your acquisition report.
Search Traffic – Found your website using a search engine (i.e.Google).
Referral Traffic – Clicked on a link from another website that linked back to you.
Direct Traffic – Typed your URL in the browser.

#2: Behavior Flow

The Behavior Flow report lets you see the path visitors commonly take on your website—from the first page they view to the last page they visit before leaving your site.

Choose “Source/Medium” in the first column in order to see the behavior pattern of website visitors to your site.
With this report, you are able to see how visitors absorb content and move from page to page throughout your site. When you are able to identify how visitors flow through the website, you gain a better understanding of their research processes and can determine if they are going down the paths that you would like. Are they doing what you want them to do? If not, what can you change to influence this? Add or remove calls to action (CTAs)? Follow the paths yourself on the website to experience it as a visitor and assess the changes you should make to impact their paths.

#3 Behavior Overview

This report identifies your most-visited content helps you better understand what your website visitors want from your website and, in the case of your blog or service pages, topics that interest them and what you should produce more of.

How to set up your emailed Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics has a built-in feature that will email these reports to you each week in a PDF format. Run the report that you want to develop an automatic report for. Click “share”, enter your desired email destination and select the frequency ofthe report.

You’ll receive a PDF report to your inbox each week.

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