2 easy changes to drastically change your home page

2 Easy Changes to Dramatically Improve Your Homepage

The homepage is often the first impression of your business, it’s what everyone sees and what will most influence a potential customer’s decision to work with you and your company. It should be easy to navigate, and visitors should have an idea of what you

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4 ways to update your website for the New Year

4 Ways to Update Your Website for the New Year

Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is often joined with a renewed excitement for trying new things, starting new diets and making positive changes. In all the excitement for what is new, it can be easily overlooked that some things that are not

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How to create a website outline

How to Create a Website Outline

When I first meet with clients during a design consult, one of my top priorities is to understand the basic outline of their site.  Starting with a well-defined outline and plan at the beginning will create a well organized, easy to use website and ultimately

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