4 ways to increase customer loyalty through e-commerce

4 ways to increase customer loyalty through e-commerce

Today customers have access to more products, more options and more information than ever before.  This creates a great opportunity to expand your business online. However, this also creates a new challenge to stand out from the crowd.  

Today’s consumers want it all, and offering a convenient and user-centric customer experience is no longer a competitive advantage. You have to have this to succeed.

70% of customers stop buying a brand if the customer experience is limited, while more than 80% are willing to pay more to have a better experience for the user.

So how can you offer more convenience for your customers and ensure they remain brand loyal?

4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

  1. Be online
    • Every business will increase customer loyalty if you make things easier for your customers through letting your website work for you.
    • Every business can collect payment on their website.  
    • Show all of your services. To expand the services/offerings that current customers see.
    • Have in store products in your store.
  2. Be Visible/ Easy to FindMemorable brands are memorable because they’re always around us—in the background of our lives as we go about our day. We don’t always remember where or when we saw them. We just know they’re there. And because they’re always there, we trust that they’ll be accessible when we need them.
    • Tracking and analytics enable you to be where your current and future customers already are. Through custom digital display targeting by audience and geo-targeting down to a micro level, you can now use almost surgical precision to zone in on those who are most likely to buy your product. This is ideal for building and maintaining brand awareness. Once they’ve viewed your message, follow them with retargeting. You’ll stay top of mind in a world of distractions and make it that much easier for them to pick back up where they left off in their search.
    • Speaking of search, if you’re not on the front page of Google when consumers are searching for you or your products, you’re not only NOT accessible, you’re practically invisible. Less than 10% of searchers will advance any further. Investing in SEO and PPS will ensure your customers can find you more easily and quickly when they need you. Make consumers work too hard to find you and, yep, you guessed it—they’ll stop searching when they find your competitor.
  3. Have a Quick Path to PurchaseOnce you’ve gotten a consumer to consider purchasing your product or service, can you close the deal quickly and easily or will they get annoyed with your process and slip through the cracks?
    • Have an easy to navigate website that works on multiple devices is imperative in today’s marketplace. Today’s consumers expect a seamless Omnichannel brand experience and have no patience for sites that are difficult to navigate or not mobile-friendly. Make sure you understand your customers’ multiple paths to purchase and your site is adaptive and accommodating to those paths.
    • User experience testing can help you evaluate whether consumers are finding what they need on your website or if they’re struggling to make a purchase.
      • Heat map
      • Have friends/strangers try it out
    • Don’t have a direct-to-consumer business model? You don’t get a pass here. You can and should still help potential buyers find what they need. One of the biggest areas of growth in ecommerce is with B2B sales
  4. Make it PersonalWith more consumer data available than ever before, there’s really no excuse to not give your customers a more personalized experience. When offerings match consumer preferences and needs, the overall process becomes easier and they’re more likely to come back.
    • Email marketing is still a highly effective conversion tool that enables you to serve promotions and product offerings that are tailored to your customers’ personal preferences and buying trends.
    • Acknowledge that they are a past or loyal customer.

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